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Enphase M250 micro inverter Phono Solar Onyx 250 260 All Black OWL Intuition pv monitoring Upsolar 255W Poly

Solar iBoost - Free Hot Water!



  • Wireless, simple installation
  • Maximise us of free solar from PV array
  • Minimise Export - Maximise ROI
  • Reduce use of your boiler



  • High Efficiency Solar cells
  • High Transmission textured glass
  • Salt Mist and Ammonia Certification
  • Outstanding performance in weak light conditions

Enphase MicroInverters



  • Maximum Yield
  • 20yr Warranty
  • Panel-by-Panel monitoring
  • Safe, Secure
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Wholesale Supply of Renewable Energy Solutions

Specialists in the supply to Solar PV installers throughout the UK of MCS compliant Solar PV Solutions, Metgen has a history of delivering a comprehensive range of renewable energy solutions. Whether you're looking for a single Solar PV connector, or a complete kit of parts, Metgen will help you to design, cost and deliver to your customers the ultimate in professional, sustainable, CO2 reducing renewable energy sources. A comprehensive range of distribution deals enables Metgen to supply a full range of quality Green Energy solutions to the trade at competitive prices - from solar panels, inverters, mounting systems through all the accessories - Metgen has trade solutions at competitive prices


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